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Protest Suite is the recipient of 2020 Individual Artist Program grant sponsored by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE). The work gathers photographic and moving images from the artist’s personal archive dating back to the late 90’s. It covers demonstrations ranging from protests in Daley Plaza to ‘End the Death Penalty, The War On Iraq, Occupy Wall Street, #BlackLivesMatter and the recent George Floyd Protests. Chris Saint Martin spent several years as a street photographer, marching alongside organizations and documenting protests in downtown Chicago. Mostly shot on 35 and 16mm film, this exhibition of work also includes a musical score and performance by the artist. Protest Suite aims to further the conversation about the right to assemble and aims to expound upon the role of documentary photography.
Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 8.49.17 PM

Still from  Protest Suite/March 20th (3 Channel Projection)

The Heart of An Apple

The Heart of An Apple is an experimental film comprised of three separate sections with a running time of 27 min.  Directed by Alia Jhane and photographed by Chris Saint Martin, the first section of the film debuted at Chicago’s GreenLine Theater in 2019.

Film Synopsis: A young artist contemplates her life and place in the world after an encounter with a lover. Finding refuge in her creativity, she turns the camera on herself to find clarity in the midst of chaos.

From the film Coeur d'une Pomme (The Heart of an Apple)

Still from ‘The Heart of an Apple’ by Alia Jhane and Chris Saint Martin ©2019

Still from the film Heart of An Apple

Still from ‘The Heart of An Apple’ Directed by Alia Jhane ©2019


Approx. running time 5 min. 2016 [film format (DV)]

Selected Screenings:

Carrera debuted at the 2016 Factory of Cinematic Dreams Festival  in Bali, Indonesia and has screened worldwide at:

This Human World; Human Rights Film Festival in Vienna, Austria 2016

Video Art Festival Turku-VAFT Finland 2017

Philomena+ Videonomad Volkertmarkt; Vienna, Austria 2017

Black Cinema House Mixtape Vol. I screening 2017

The 56th Ann Arbor Film Festival as part of URe:AD TV 2018

An experimental run through a contemporary American landscape; amidst a barrage of recurring images and sound collage. Carrera; Spanish for ‘race’ is an Afrofuturist meditation on violence perpetrated against Africans in the America’s and the diaspora.

yurel 2

Carrera Film still Cinematography Alia Jhane ©2016

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